To Err is Human by Hafsah B. Nurein



To forgive? That’s another matter entirely.

Khaalid is an affectionate, young boy who has everything going for him: Loving parents and a sibling whom he doted on. Catastrophic events on a fateful afternoon, alter the course of his seemingly perfect existence.

In the blink of an eye, Khaalid’s life is changed forever, and he finds himself on an entirely new path: one fraught with dangers and dark temptations. Will he resist or succumb to the darkness?

Sarah is a recently bereaved widow forced to care for her young daughters alone – one of whom is terminally ill. Sarah must find a way to save her child, in a desperate race against time.

In an unavoidable stroke of fate, these four lives become intertwined in the unlikeliest of ways. Bonds are formed and broken, loyalties are tested, and grave errors are committed. It is said that forgiveness is divine… but at what cost?


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