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Five Things To Do After Your First Draft is Completed

Five Things to Do After You Finish your First Draft. It’s several weeks after you typed the first word in your manuscript, and you just finished writing the last words 😊followed by: ‘The End’. You are excited. Happy. Drained. Then you ask yourself: What now? Indeed what should a writer do after they finish writing their …

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Chapter Three JEMIMA II Picking an outfit for the evening was proving to be more difficult than I expected. Abdul was due back in a few minutes, and with a surprise planned, I needed a look good enough to complement the evening. However, every single outfit I had tried on was either not right or …

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Chapter Two MUSLIMAH I   I peeled my eyes from the T.V screen as soon as the credits started to roll and glanced at my wristwatch. 6:30 pm. Four hours was enough time for a playdate, right? I rose from my position on the floor and faced my three best friends, who had vanquished the food cupboard …

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Turmoil 1 by Hafsah bint Nurein


Chapter One   Hadiza I Friendship. It is said that true love is rare, but true friendship, rarer. The bond I shared with my three best friends was a rare form of friendship. The kind of friendship that grows from the seed basking in the warm soil to a vast tree with many ups and …

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New Series by Hafsah Bint Nurein

New Series Alert!

Title: TURMOIL Short Description: Meet: Hadiza- Level-headed. Devout. Loving. To the outside world and her closest friends, her life seems picture-perfect- fairytale marriage, loving husband, and an adorable son. But Hadiza knows better. Her husband is having an affair, and it looks like her world is set to crumble at any moment… Aisha- Wise. Intelligent. …

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