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Chapter Thirty-Eight. ABDUL VI   “Tell me if you feel this Mr Abdul.” The doctor produced an object that looked a bit like a shoehorn and ran it over the soles of my feet. I shook my head. “I felt nothing doctor. Same as yesterday and the day before.” I struggled to keep the irritation …

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Chapter Thirty-Seven AISHA VIII   I parked my car in front of what I hoped was the right address. I looked around, stepping out of the car. The street was deserted and quiet as expected in Old GRA. The house was a redbrick, same as everyone on that row. The small black gate had a …

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Chapter Thirty-Six   Hadiza XII   Humming a tune under his breath, Basheer spread butter over his slices of bread, Nutella over mine. He poured orange juice, squeezed by his own hand into two glasses. I could literally feel the joy emanating from him as he worked and for a moment. I was perfectly content …

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Chapter Thirty-Five Kamaal III   When Muslimah’s text came in, I did a double-take. I could hardly believe my eyes. I’d like to take you up on your offer. It read. One simple sentence. Not even a long one. Yet it meant the whole world to me. On the flip side, I was willing to …

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Chapter Thirty-Four Muslimah VI   “We’ve come to the end of the class for today. Good day.” The lecture hall erupted into a cacophony of sounds as soon as Prof Jaiye started gathering his books. Papers rustled, seats snapped back into place as students prepared to leave— almost all of them whispering and laughing together. …

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Chapter Thirty-three  Jemima XII   In the hospital’s waiting room I stared ahead, looking at nothing in particular. A T.V played quietly in one corner, no doubt placed there as a distraction for the sick and their escorts. The seats right next to me were occupied by Hajia and ‘Atikah yet the strained atmosphere surrounding …

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Chapter Thirty-Two Aisha VII   Unburdened. That’s how I was feeling. The guilt and fear that had been dragging me down and almost drowned me were gone. My only worry at the moment was preventing nthe giddy feeling inside me from bubbling over. To be honest, I’m not sure I wanted to. What I wanted …

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Assalamu alaykum! Sooooooo this chapter took 57 years (Insert eye roll) But I promise that was never my intention. You know that thing called life? It happened, and I had a LOT to deal with these past months – illness, loss of a loved one, amongst other things. When I started this story, I vowed …

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